KPAL is an independent UK-based consultancy company providing a range of specialist survey, analysis, research and investigation services relating to sediments, soils, and earth surface processes.



Laboratory analyses:


Sand Grains


  • Particle size analysis (laser diffraction, wet and dry sieving, pipette analysis, direct measurement, image analysis)
  • Particle shape and surface texture analysis
  • Scanning electron microscopy and chemical microanalysis
  • Mineralogical analysis (XRD)
  • Elemental analysis (ICP-OES and ICP-MS)
  • Optical microscopy and digital image capture
  • Loss on ignition, total organic carbon, total carbon
  • Total suspended solids determination
  • Total dissolved solids determination
  • Quantitative colour analysis



Field surveys:


RTK Survey


  • RTK-GNSS topographic surveys
  • Monitoring of morphological change
  • Sediment sampling
  • Water/tidal level and current speed measurement
  • Fixed point digital photography


Data processing:




  • LiDAR surveys
  • Aerial photography surveys
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Historical maps and charts
  • GIS data synthesis, mapping of volumetric change
  • Wave and water level modelling
  • Sediment trend analysis
  • Meteorological data
  • Advisory and expert witness services
  • Technical literature production and review


We undertake work for a number of sectors, including:


Power Station


  • Water industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energy industries (nuclear, wind, tide, wave)
  • Government agencies and local authorities
  • Nature conservation bodies
  • Environmental and engineering consultants
  • The legal profession, risk analysts and insurers



Applications of our work include:


Coastal Erosion


  • Natural resource evaluation and development (gravel, sands, clays)
  • Surface and ground water quality (boreholes, water treatment works, watercourses, particles trapped on filter media)
  • Industrial product quality and complience with BS or ISO standards (topsoil, subsoil, catalysts)
  • Waste management (ash, sludge, effluent, biofuels)
  • Environmental contamination investigations
  • Windblown sand and dust problems
  • Coastal erosion and flood risk management
  • Climate change and extreme event analysis
  • Habitat conservation, restoration and creation
  • Transport infrastructure development and planning
  • Landscape restoration and improvement
  • Health and safety (accident investigations, inquiries, health issues)



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